An Update on the TaylorMade Torque Wrench:
At TaylorMade, we have long been committed to sustainability efforts in every facet of our business. Both as individuals and as a global corporate citizen, we embrace our responsibility to make the world a better place for future generations. 
Our vast experience designing golf equipment has taught us so many things. For example, we know that even the smallest change can make a major impact. That’s why we have deeply considered our production and distribution of plastic T25 torque wrenches. We first introduced this wrench to the golf industry in 2004 with the breakthrough launch of R7 drivers with moveable weight. Since then, every golfer who purchased an adjustable driver from TaylorMade has also received a wrench.
Over the course of 18 years, millions of wrenches have entered the marketplace. And that’s just from TaylorMade alone. As our competitors caught up and incorporated adjustability systems of their own, they also added more wrenches to the space. 
In analyzing the sustainability efforts of our brand, it became apparent that one of the fastest ways to reduce our carbon and plastic footprints was to no longer off complimentary wrenches. The decision did not come lightly. We spoke at length internally and with our vendors before collectively deciding that it would be the most responsible choice for our brand and the planet as we move forward.
This small change will effectively eliminate several tons of plastic and metal consumption on an annual basis. Not only are these savings substantial for the environment, but they impact our business. Freeing up a sizeable sum of capital that can be reinvested to help us better serve golfers around the globe. 
We do not believe this choice will negatively impact the golfer’s buying experience, because in many cases golfer’s already own multiple wrenches from past purchases. However, customers who need a wrench can still get them at 
For additional questions, call our Customer Service team at: 877-860-8624. We appreciate your support with this decision. 
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